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Shot Blasting Derby

Shot blasting is the perfect preparation process for recoating corroded metal surfaces.

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Powder Coating Derby

Powder coating is a finishing process that coats a surface in a durable and decorative component.

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Derby Gate Repair

Derby Gate Repair have over 35 year's experience in fabricating and installing steel gates and railings

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Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the perfect preparation process for recoating corroded metal surfaces.

Shot Blasting is the process of firing tiny abrasive particles at a surface to etch away rust, old paint and contaminants. High powered air is used to propel the particles and different types of media can be used to achieve a different finish and prevent actual damage to the surface.

Shot Blasting

We shot blast your components before the powder coating process not only to remove any old paint and surface rust but also to prepare the surface by giving it a key, this increases the adhesion of the powder coating giving a finish that is bonded to the metal rather than simply siting on the surface.

Our purpose built shot blasting facilities allow us to deal with even the largest gate and railing restoration projects and our knowledge of materials gives us an edge when it comes to achieving the perfect finish.

The Shot Blasting process involves:-

  • Removal of any parts that cannot be shot blasted.
  • De greasing and inspection of the parts to be blasted.
  • Shot blasting the items individually with the correct media.
  • A final inspection of all welds and joints to assess any repairs needed.

If after shot blasting we find your product needs to be repaired it is handed over to one of our team of highly skilled, qualified welders who will repair the components as necessary and to the highest standards.

After the shot blasting process we use a high build zinc rich primer to help prevent corrosion and prepare the surface for powder coating.

High purity zinc particles are sprayed onto the surface with very high adhesion properties. Zinc Rich Primer is a powder coating primer that is designed to give enhanced corrosion protection of mild steel. Zinc Rich Primer is specially formulated to be over coated with a Polyester powder topcoat.

Shot Blasting Room

We also offer a shot blasting only service for products that you wish to re-finish yourself, this can be useful when restoring motorcycle or car parts, old machinery and anything else you can think of, our shot blasting service is competitively priced and we offer all our customers the same great level of care regardless of the scale of the job.

Who are We?

Bernie Arnold has been the head of the Gate Maker group of companies since its inception in 1981. The Gate Maker specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of bespoke steel gates and railings to domestic and commercial clients all over the midlands area.

Bernie's formidable experience in the steel work industry has been enhanced by his business partner Gary joining the business. The addition of his daughter Rachel, granddaughter Jami and grandson Kyle has made the company a truly family run business.

Our company ethos is simple, top quality products, fair pricing and unbeatable customer service has served us well over the last 35 years and we continue to adhere to those values today.

The Gate Maker have been a Derbyshire Trusted trader for the last 3 years.

Garden Gate Repair Trusted Trader